June 16th, 2021, Brisbane, QLD

Engaged Strategy, a leading insights-based strategic consultancy, has announced its partnership with Podium, a leading business management platform for local businesses. This partnership provides local businesses in Australia an unfair advantage over their competition with Podium’s all-in-one tool.

There has been a 400 per cent increase in online search for local businesses in the last few years. In recent times, it has been found that online reviews of local businesses influence the purchase decision of 84% of consumers, says a Podium survey.

“Local businesses that otherwise offer great service are losing out in the online race. Podium is a simplified tool that adds a human touch to digitization. It gives an unfair advantage to local businesses by helping them build their online presence by boosting their SEO with genuine and frequent reviews and ratings. The interface is as simple as chatting on your phone,” says Mr. Christopher Roberts, managing director, Engaged Strategy.

A research of the Australian consumer market for local businesses shows:
• At least 36 per cent of Australian consumers only engage with businesses that at least have a 4-star average rating.
• Interestingly, 28 per cent of Australian consumers look up a business’s reviews while standing or being parked right outside a business to decide if they should go in or not.

“Reputation management is extremely important for local businesses. Podium provides a comprehensive platform that not only automates the ability to ask customers for reviews but also collates online reviews from multiple platforms and also automates customised communication with customers. This integration plays a multifaceted role in not only helping local businesses improve the digital experience they offer, but also build an emotional connect with their customers and prospects,” Mr. Roberts said. Podium combines the convenience of online shopping and in-store purchase experience to bring in simplified digital efficiency in the way local businesses operate.

Engaged Strategy’s advanced CX practice, knowledge and insights generally offered to medium and large businesses is now being made available to local business. “Engaged Strategy has been able to quickly implement Podium into their suite of solutions. It gives them the tools they needed for their customers to have a strategic advantage of CX insights and strategies along with the digital experience offered by Podium,” Mr. Dave Scheine, Country Manager at Podium.

Engaged Strategy’s offering of Podium will add a significant benefit for local businesses with its review collection and distribution process, optimizing the process and making it simpler for businesses to manage their brand reputation.

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About Engaged Strategy
Engaged Strategy is an insights based strategic consultancy that focusses on helping businesses grow by developing fresh customer, marketing, digital and organisational strategies.

Christopher Roberts is a Global Brand and CX Expert. He is the Managing Director of Engaged Strategy and is the developer of the Total Engagement Model®, which designs and aligns key elements to maintain brand integrity and customer focus. He is a published academic author and a guest lecturer at the University of Queensland at a Masters Level.

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