Engaged leaders understand what already influences people, the ability to communicate effectively using stories and the mindset required to inspire people. This coincides with the absolute necessity for strong executive leadership for achieving NPS® improvements. It is virtually impossible to drive significant NPS improvements without this leadership capability!

Advanced Leadership Programs for Executives

Provide your decision-makers with the skills they need to rally their teams.

The following programs train participants on the specific skillsets that define engaged leaders. These sessions have been successfully run with organisations of all sizes and with managers across departments.

Stepping Up

Overcoming personal limitations and positively influencing your peers and employees can be challenging. This is addressed within the Stepping Up workshop where we train leaders on specific behaviours and mindsets so that they can become positive role models, strategically focus their time, empower their team, and become personally more productive.

Advanced Influencing Skills

A key leadership skill is the ability to influence people to rally behind important goals, whether it’s a quarterly departmental goal or an organisation’s vision. This module is specifically designed for those leaders who need to effectively mobilise individuals and teams to meet goals that are uncharted, a stretch or even visionary in nature. It utilises advanced but practical needs-based psychology techniques to help leaders understand exactly what influences people, and learn the skills to rapidly engage staff in a one-to-one or one-to-many scenario.

Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling workshops teach leaders the valuable skill of engaging others by telling stories that enthral, influence, and ignite action. A leader needs to not only tell, but constantly ‘sell’ their strategic direction to employees. The art of strategic storytelling is a discipline that when used consistently can help leaders engage their employees.

Start the Conversation

“When it comes to employee engagement, all roads lead to leadership.”

– Christopher Roberts