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Case Studies

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After five storms in 7 days in early 2004 and the release of an independent report, a large Queensland utility faced more than 8 months of negative media scrutiny. This resulted in severe brand damage.

Challenge Faced

There was no precedent to look to which could outline how to recover such a damaged brand.


Chris led the development of a brand recovery strategy based on cutting edge market research that focused marketing and communication on messages that reflected positively on the client’s brand. Some of the initiatives included the development of an integrated brand communication campaign and a reduction in sponsorships. Through this process, Chris ensured the support and engagement of key stakeholders including the CEO, Executive and the Board.

As a result of these initiatives, the client’s brand recovered dramatically and in early 2007 enjoyed brand equity levels that were independently measured via research as being better than any other major energy utility in Australia and one of the strongest brands in Queensland.

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Customer Strategy


Given the expected introduction of Full Retail Contestability in the Residential market a major Queensland utility required direct marketing capability.

Challenge Faced

At the time, direct mail lists needed to be sourced from core billing systems and took 6-8 weeks. In addition, response analysis was not automated and cumbersome. The organisation lacked demographic customer information and a single customer view of revenue or cost to serve.


Chris was instrumental in the development of a world class customer knowledge infrastructure enabling direct marketing. This included a marketing data warehouse, campaign management software, analytics and data mining. In addition the marketing data warehouse linked to external media buying software allowing us to execute integrated marketing communications including direct marketing and advertising to the same segments. This resulted in campaign efficiency and effectiveness increases. More importantly, this capability enabled strong customer understanding that resulted in several new marketing strategies.

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A Brisbane-based finance, insurance, and banking corporation’s key strategy was designed to increase the number of products per household.

Challenge Faced

The strategy lacked sufficient momentum as there was a lack of much needed internal engagement from staff. Research also suggested that a majority of customers did not want to put all their eggs in one basket.


Chris was asked to develop the strategy.

This strategy was based on a unique customer segmentation model tailored for the finance industry. The model encapsulated cross sell needs analysis and cost to serve initiatives into one program. The program included a staff launch, strong executive involvement, internal staff program, new measures and an innovative team-based incentive program. This strategy set the future direction for the organisations CRM strategy.

This initiative was extremely successful and resulted in approximately 100,000 incremental sales, a dramatic increase in share of wallet, contribution to profit and led to the establishment of a major project team to fully exploit this customer management strategy. The key to the success was engaging staff and as a result it positively impacted on internal culture in addition to incremental sales and financial benefit.

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Net Promoter Score®


A major B2B business in Australia embarked on a NPS ® survey with us primarily to find out what their Net Promoter Score was. Initially they were not interested in the NPS discipline which is about systematically taking action against customer feedback. In fact, as they had an experienced account team they did not believe that the research would reveal any problems.

Our automatic Detractor alert process revealed that the decision maker of their largest client, which made up 30% of their total revenue, was in fact a Detractor. Interestingly, the account representative was not aware of any issues; the respondent only outlined their frustration when they responded to our survey.


The business reacted rapidly and a team of senior executives met with the Detractor, resolved their issues and saved the account.

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