January 31st, 2023; Brisbane, Queensland

About 85% of Customer Experience or Net Promoter Score® programs are bound to fail. It will not fail in a week, a month or a year, but will die the death of a thousand cuts, says brand interventionist Mr. Christopher Roberts in his latest book 10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail.

Mr. Roberts, who is also the creator of the Total Engagement Model® and a keynote speaker at global CX conferences, says, “Organisations that have implemented CX or NPS® programs and are struggling to reap its economic benefits are probably making at least one of the 10 mistakes stated in this book.”

Drawing from his 15+ years of experience in the customer experience industry and with a track record of achieving 80+ point increases in Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), this book provides practical techniques to help the C-suite, CX/NPS® program managers and Frontline staff design and operate strategic CX programs. It is an invaluable handbook that organisations can use to create experiences worthy of recommendation.


10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail elaborates on the critical problems that plague the implementation of these programs. The book stresses on brand building and its consequent economic benefits via an efficient CX/NPS® Program.

It also provides powerful solutions based on his real-world experiences for each of the problems listed. These solutions are based on principles that Mr. Roberts has employed to rejuvenate brands, making them the best in their category.

10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail will be released worldwide on February 1st, 2023, and will be launched in-person in Brisbane.


Purchase your copy from https://bit.ly/10-reasons-why-book-purchase or via https://amzn.to/3IVOxyw.


Reviews by senior leaders

10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail provides you with real world examples of how you can avoid the many pitfalls that are easy traps for the uninitiated. Our improvement was an 84% increase in our NPS® score, resulting in happy customers. I guarantee you that there isn’t a better publication to provide you with surefire solutions to succeed.”
Tony Chamberlain, Former Managing Director, Encore Event Technologies (Staging Connections) & Non-Executive Director, Force Fire


“Chris has an incredible array of experiences to draw from and has been able to weave these through this work to give it continuity and the integrity of experience to make it a must read for those of us committed to making the CX/NPS® Program work.”
Rod Arthur Former CEO UQ College; Adjunct Professor, UQ School of Business


“Our partnership with Chris and Engaged Strategy has not only transformed the way we think about our business, but transformed the way we feel about our business. That has proven so much more powerful than we could have imagined.”
Liam Mayo, CEO, Comlink Australia


“Chris has been instrumental in working alongside myself and our executive team to ensure we understand the needs of our people and to build a strategy that produces results. Jetts is now a ‘Best Place to Work’ top 10 company with a Net Promoter Score® of over 70 points.”
Elaine Jobson, Chief Executive officer, Jetts Australia


“An easy to understand and execute guide, to creating and leveraging insightful information from NPS® to elevate your customer experience to the next level – Chris has captured the critical elements in 10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail that has something every CX practitioner can benefit from.”
Ray Cao, Founder, Simply Business Thinking


“Chris and his team at Engaged Strategy has taken us through a process of outstanding analysis thereby resulting in a clearly defined Strategic Plan and associated marketing strategy for the organisation.”

  • Lyn Bishop, Founder & Former Principal/CEO, Sheldon College


10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail is a powerful book which can help organisations to understand how their CX program can veer away from business objectives. It is packed with great tips and several real-world examples which can be implemented by organisations or all sizes and industries.”

  • Rohit Garg, Vice President, Growth & CX Transformation, EXL


About Christopher Roberts

Christopher (Chris) Roberts is a globally renowned brand strategist & CX/NPS® expert. He is also the creator of the Total Engagement Model®, a scientifically designed brand strategy model which is taught at universities in the APAC region. Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of Engaged Strategy, a boutique consultancy that helps businesses harness the power of CX and brand strategy.

Chris’ knowledge of 200+ brands across 20+ industries has helped him create success stories of businesses growing from being the worst in their category to the Best. He has spearheaded three National Customer Loyalty Benchmarking Studies in Australia. He has provided critical and actionable insights and recommendations that has helped businesses across multiple industries build powerful growth strategies.

Chris has also contributed his expansive knowledge in an academic journal article based on The Total Engagement Model® titled Total customer engagement: Designing and aligning key strategic elements to achieve growth published in the Journal of Product and Brand Management.


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