NPS Series (Part 1) – Why NPS Is Important Today Than Ever Before?

How are you differentiating your CX from your competitors? And, are you doing it the right way? In the first of this 3-part video series, NPS® expert and Managing Director of Engaged Strategy, Chris Roberts, explains via real life examples why CX is more important today than ever before.

Have you found that unique ingredient yet that differentiates your brand from competitors? This coffee shop story tells you why you must have these unique ingredients that add value and give your brand a personality.

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Strategic Interactive Dashboard – Your Handy Business Intelligence Platform

No coding, no building. Just point and click to explore your organisation’s performance at the industry level and at an employee level. Understand your competitors and identify focus areas. Explore our Strategic Interactive Dashboard.

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Uber’s Digital Transformation Story – Is It Your CX Mantra?

Continuous evolution and providing great CX is the key to any organisation’s sustenance. Else you are vulnerable to digital disruption. To know more about Uber’s story, read our blog: Uber Ushers In Another Wave Of Digital Disruption.

NPS Mini Audit

Here’s why you need that ultimate quick-health check for your organisation.

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