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To us, engaged employees are staff who understand, practice and advocate for their your organisation’s values, purpose and direction. Our studies have shown that the impact of engaged employees extends to organisational outcomes. There is an inextricable link between internal culture and customer experience, which makes employee engagement a key contributor to the creation of create customer experiences worthy of recommendation (click here to download our last Employee Engagement Study).

At Engaged Strategy we recognise the individual responsibility of all organisational members in contributing to a productive internal culture. This is why we provide consulting services tailored to the specific needs of employees, whether they are frontline employees or senior executives, with the overarching goal of creating a positive workplace culture.

Our consulting services can help your business to:

Create employee Promoters within the organisation who, according to our studies, put in 33% more discretionary effort than employees who are Detractors, and are 3X more loyal.

Create outstanding customer experiences by empowering and involving frontline employees to develop effective bottom-up strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience; without involvement, there is no commitment.

Ensure that your customer strategy is lived by your employees by ensuring that they understand organisational strategy and their specific role in making it a reality.

Increase your organisation’s ability to deliver customer experiences worthy of recommendation by providing leaders with the regular disciplines and skills to rally employees around your vision and key strategies.

Our Services

Building an aligned culture

What sets us apart is that we strategically join these elements to your brand and planned customer experience. This ensures that what you say (brand), what you do (customer experience and propositions), and who you are (culture) is aligned and designed to enable organisations to outperform.

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Strategic Action Planning Session

After measuring your employee engagement, we organise a strategic action planning session with your executives where we collectively develop initiatives to create a dynamic culture.

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