It was the mission ‘to unleash potential in organisations and individuals’ that began the journey of Engaged Strategy. Since then we have passionately pursued this goal with each of our clients. We live this passion by being a value-adding, proactive partner in our engagements – not merely a supplier of services. We believe in practicing what we preach, therefore client satisfaction is not enough; we strive to constantly exceed expectations. Our commitment to client success is the foundation for our strong client relationships, which we have become known for.

As a strategic consulting services firm, our focus is on the three pillars that form the foundation of every successful organisation: customer experience, employee engagement, and branding. We design and align these elements to provide organisational consistency in what our clients think, say and do.

A holistic approach to consulting

We go beyond traditional consulting to provide a proprietary end-to-end service. This encompasses strategy development, research, analysis, and the implementation of recommended strategies. Our clients benefit from our wealth of local business knowledge. Engaged Strategy has over 10 years of consulting and implementation experience spanning across 20+ industries, spanning over 165 brands.

Pioneering NPS® in the Asia Pacific region

Engaged Strategy was the first licensed distributor of the official Net Promoter Score® survey software and has provided best-practice consulting to ensure optimal CX outcomes since its inception. Due to our established CX and NPS expertise, we can confidently say that clients who have worked closely with us and acted on our recommendations have achieved substantial NPS increases.

Extensive local market knowledge

Beyond working with clients, we also conduct comprehensive NPS benchmarking studies across Australian industries, and have been doing so since 2009. This has provided the basis of our intimate knowledge across more than 165 brands in the Asia Pacific region. For an overview of our national benchmarking studies, please click here.

Extensive experience across industries

Over the years, Engaged Strategy’s consulting and implementation experience has spanned a variety of industries, many of which operate in vastly different business sectors. Our unique, people-centric approach helps us to create custom solutions to drive business growth and increase the bottom line for our clients across industries.


Event Management

Plumbing / Hardware


Industrial Unions


Car Dealerships






Construction Materials

Not For Profit



Performing Arts


Equipment Leasing


And more!

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