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Engaged Employees Create Engaged Customers

At Engaged Strategy, we believe that employee satisfaction is a hygiene factor and not something that organisations should strive for. We focus instead on creating truly engaged employees. We define an engaged employee as someone who:

  • Completely understands the strategy and is personally committed to making it successful;
  • Provides discretionary effort (goes above and beyond what is expected in their role);
  • Is a Promoter of the organisation as a place of work;
  • Is a Promoter of the products and services you offer;
  • Is committed to creating customer experiences and propositions that are worthy of recommendation; and
  • Plans to stay with your organisation for the medium to long term.

Our research shows


Disengaged employees put in 33% less discretionary effort than engaged employees.

Prevents you from reaching

growth, loyalty, quality, and market share goals.


Disengaged employees exhibit almost 3X lower stated loyalty levels.

Disengaged employees also incur human resources costs

such as absenteeism, presenteeism, and premature turnover.

We focus on your employees’ strategic comprehension, personal commitment and leadership evaluation. We identify what is specifically holding your organisation by studying employee emotions, attitudes, behaviours and perceptions.

With our expert analysis, you can:

Comprehensively assess the internal culture of your organisation to identify the precise areas for focus across the organisation and by specific functional areas.

Understand how your external customer NPS® links to your internal staff NPS to create better customer experiences.

Discern the emotions that your staff feel at work, both positive and negative, to create a positive work environment.

Compare how your organisation performs against nationwide benchmarks.

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