10 Reasons Why CX/NPS® Programs Fail
And Your Surefire Solutions To Succeed

By Christopher Roberts

This book by brand interventionist Christopher Roberts elaborates on the 10 critical problems with the implementation of these programs and provides solutions based on real world experiences and data.

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From Powerless To Powerful – Your ultimate business recovery roadmap

By Christopher Roberts

This free eBook by Global Brand & CX Expert Christopher Roberts offers you the highly successful roadmap that can help any business recover from any type of crisis via comprehensive real-life examples and clear action plans.

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8 NPS Survey System Features that Define the Best from the Rest

A quick guide to find out if your NPS® system meets best-practice standards. This eBook identifies the 8 key features of best-practice NPS survey systems that allow you to monitor the customer journey, receive insightful alerts, & more.

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The Five Secrets of Employee Engagement

Employees are complex – learn what makes them tick. Only 30% of the Australian workforce would recommend their companies. This eBook will help organisations to understand how to motivate their employees with five simple secrets that do not have to cost a cent.

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