At Engaged Strategy, we are continuously developing contemporary solutions that are actionable and connect to the bottom line. Our thinking is guided by tried and tested methodologies that have paved the path for industry leaders across worldwide industries. We utilise a variety of marketing, branding, customer and cultural methodologies which we are constantly adapting and evolving. However, two key methodologies are central to the way we strategise; the Net Promoter Score® & the Total Engagement Model®.

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Net Promoter Score

To thrive in a competitive global market, you need to move beyond merely ‘satisfying’ customers to creating Promoters who recommend your brand. This is where the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) discipline comes in. Studies conducted illustrate that:

  • NPS Loyalty Leaders typically grow at 2.6 X their category average and enjoy 15% lower operational costs. Source: Fred Reichheld Bain & Co
  • 2% – Amount of reduction of negative word of mouth to generate 1% of business growth. Source: London School of Economics
  • 4 X – Difference in growth rate of high Net Promoter Score brands vs. low Net Promoter Score brands. Source: London School of Economics
  • Engaged Strategy’s studies link NPS to loyalty share of wallet (Promoters are 50% more likely to buy more than Detractors), and repurchase rates (Promoters are 60% more likely to repurchase than Detractors)

The NPS discipline is based on identifying if organisations are doing enough to deserve their customers’ loyalty and recommendation. Customers are asked the ultimate question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend, family member or colleague?” Based on their response, they are categorised into three groups: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Participants are then typically asked the reason for their score. The rating of key attributes and touch points, combined with the reason for the score, enables a strategic conversation that allows organisations to take action to resolve customer issues based on specific customer feedback.

Net Promoter Diagram
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Your Promoters will tell you what they enjoyed or valued about their customer experience. This allows your organisation to understand its strengths and the drivers of customer advocacy, and act in alignment with the overall customer experience strategy.

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Your Passives think you are good, but not great, so they can identify the small improvements that would move them from being satisfied to being likely to recommend you to others. Passives essentially provide organisations with the knowledge they need to transform their service from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

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Your Detractors speak to others about you, but in a negative way. This can potentially have devastating impacts on the reputation of your brand. By listening to what Detractors have to say, you can become aware of important issues and concerns that need to be addressed as a matter of priority.

Implementing NPS

NPS is not just a survey, it is an organisational discipline that impacts every level of your organisation, from your frontline staff right through to your executives.

We intimately understand this and have developed a specialised set of skills that set us apart from other consultancy firms. These include CX, employee engagement, change management and branding capabilities that have been tried and tested across industries. Unlike other consultancy firms, we draw upon these skills to work with you to design an end-to-end program that incorporates NPS strategically and operationally within your organisation.

A successful NPS program provides you with the information to:

Recover and retain at-risk customers.

Activate customer advocates.

Understand how your customers rate you across key aspects and use this to deliver experiences and propositions worthy of recommendation.

Drive accountability and customer focus throughout your organisation.

The Total Engagement Model®

Based on over 25 years of experience, we believe that if you want to foster an environment that is conducive to sustainable growth, you must have absolute clarity and alignment across each of the elements outlined in our Total Engagement Model.

Chris Roberts, the Managing Director of Engaged Strategy, developed the Total Engagement Model. The Model aligns the ’organisation’s key strategic elements around brand, culture, value propositions and customer experiences to drive business performance and growth.

The power of this model is validated by its publication in The Journal of Product & Brand Management, which uses a double-blind review process for all material it publishes, and in the academic textbook Customer Engagement: Contemporary issues and challenges.

We use this innovative and proprietary business model to work with you to develop and align:

Unique Customer Value Propositions that increase customer consideration, loyalty and repurchase rates.

Brands which not only stand out, but speak to your target market.

Strong Internal Cultures that break down internal silos, resulting in engaged staff that work together to achieve a unifying customer goal.

Customer Experiences that are worthy of recommendation.

Organisations with these characteristics outperform the average organisation by 200-300%.

Using the Total Engagement Model: How to be worthy of recommendation

Our proprietary Total Engagement Model develops and aligns the strategic components of your organisation (i.e. your Brand, Customer Experience, Culture and CVP). These are the elements that need to be designed, aligned and acted upon to drive sustainable growth.

The NPS discipline allows you to dynamically adapt and incorporate customer feedback into the fabric of your business at a strategic and operational level to drive continuous improvement.

The Total Engagement Model in partnership with the Net Promoter Score methodology enables an organisation to be in the best position strategically and operationally to drive loyalty and growth.

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