Handle frontline experiences with confidence and best practice.

Great customer experiences can be created consistently, but only when your employees work to achieve a unifying customer goal. Our training programs are designed to build processes and systems that bust internal silos so that staff across functional areas work together. We design processes that involve staff in the creation of great experiences, resulting in engaged staff that completely understand your strategy and are strongly committed to making it a success.

Investing in the customer experience that your frontline staff deliver everyday might be one of the best ROI decisions you make.

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    Customer Experience Training Programs

    Executive Engagement Workshop

    The Executive Engagement Workshop has been developed specifically for executive and senior management. Without strong executive support, you cannot have a successful customer experience program. The challenge is that, at times, executives are not sure exactly what they should do to drive a successful program. This half-day workshop clearly outlines their role, and outlines the specific, regular actions they must take to motivate their teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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    Creating Promoters – Frontline Staff Ideation Workshop

    This training session is aimed at managers and team leaders. They are trained to identify key pain points and drivers from NPS® surveys relevant to their areas of expertise. Furthermore, they learn how to facilitate participative and efficient staff sessions to stimulate actionable ideas to address their survey insights or the delivery of strategic elements. Managers and team leaders are also encouraged to apply these sessions to develop initiatives to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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    Detractor Call Back Training

    Training your staff to deal with Detractors is one of the most important steps in improving NPS. This 2-hour training session is designed to teach staff best-practice processes to effectively conduct the strategic conversations required to neutralise Detractors. The session is conducted in-person, and uses a hands-on approach to make it relevant for real situations that the staff come across in the workplace.

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