Encapsulating our multi-dimensional approach towards customer experience, employee engagement and branding via informative videos that share the best practices in customer experience, employee engagement, loyalty and more.



With over 10 years of experience in customer experience, employee engagement and branding, our eBook library aims to be a rich collection of best-practice knowledge to help our clients unleash their full potential.

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Engaged Strategy Case Studies

Explore real case studies where we have played a pivotal role in branding, customer strategy, company culture, and Net Promoter Score® results.

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The State of Employee Engagement in 2015 Australia represents a massive undertaking of 3361 employees from across the country, using an abundance of insightful survey questions. This paper analyses the depth of employee engagement in Australia, and provides recommendations for action based upon the key insights obtained. In this paper, you will learn the state of employee engagement according to three key, well-explained measures and determine the major drivers behind those results. This paper provides invaluable insights for organisations of any size.

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Customer engagement and loyalty via strong customer value propositions is becoming paramount to the survival of brands. Our newsletters, Engaging Times, offer expert views on industry trends, analyse the secrets of NPS leaders across industries, predict future trends in customer engagement and provide invaluable insights that can help you enhance your CVP and NPS.

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