March 22, 2021

Strategic consulting firm Engaged Strategy has announced that two of its client brands in the Asia-Pacific region have achieved record NPS® scores despite the economic impact of Covid in the year 2020-2021. The two brands conducted multiple surveys during the pandemic to understand changes in customer expectations and requirements, and implement corrective measures immediately, which bolstered their NPS®.

“We developed a holistic organisation-wide engagement that included CX strategy development, people management, and processes and systems. This strategic model helped our clients build a truly holistic CX-DNA within their organisation and improve their NPS® even in a difficult year when businesses were impacted negatively by Covid restrictions,” Mr. Christopher Roberts, Managing Director, Engaged Strategy, said.

Engaged Strategy developed contemporary actionable solutions for its clients and connected them to the bottom line. The strategy included various customer strategy concepts combined with its highly successful proprietary Total Engagement Model®.

“NPS® is easy to understand, but very challenging to execute. This is because you are moving from where you are to becoming worthy of recommendation” Mr. Roberts said.

“These two client brands agreed with our suggestion to measure insights at a granular level. This allowed accountability at a team and individual level which helped them improve their systems and processes to meet and exceed customer expectations to suit the new market requirements,” Mr. Roberts said. Engaged Strategy has helped its clients achieve NPS® increases of 80+ points in the Business-to-Business segment, and 60+ points in the Business-to-Consumer segment.

Engaged Strategy congratulates its clients on achieving remarkable NPS® scores.

About Engaged Strategy

Engaged Strategy is an insights based strategic consultancy that focusses on helping businesses grow by developing fresh customer, marketing, digital and organisational strategies.

Christopher Roberts is a Global Brand and CX Expert. He is the Managing Director of Engaged Strategy and is the developer of the Total Engagement Model®, which designs and aligns key elements to maintain brand integrity and customer focus. He is a published academic author and a guest lecturer at the University of Queensland at a Masters Level.

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