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State of Employee Engagement – FREE

State of Employee Engagement – FREE

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Engaged Strategy is pleased to present The State of Employee Engagement in Australia – 2015

This complimentary whitepaper offers a comprehensive assessment of the depth of employee engagement in Australia. The following insights are based on over 3000 Australian employee responses:

  • Three headline measures primarily illustrate Australia’s levels of employee engagement:
    • Employee Net Promoter Score®: How likely are employees to recommend their organisation as a great place to work?
    • Discretionary Effort: How likely are employees to go beyond what is expected of them in their day-to-day job/function?
    • Champions: The composition of employees based on their understanding of organisational strategy and their personal commitment towards it.
  • Why invest in employee engagement? Analysis of the impacts associated with the extent of employee engagement across the following:
    • Net Promoter Score: How likely are employees to recommend their very own organisation’s products or services?
    • Discretionary Effort
    • Stated Loyalty
  • Engagement across the organisational hierarchy
  • Drivers of employee engagement, specifically:
    • Identification of the top emotions currently felt by Australian employees in contrast to what employees want to feel.
    • The top 3 elements specifically associated with the job itself
    • The top 3 elements in relation to the organisation as a whole
    • The top 3 elements regarding team and leadership elements
  • Recommendations to optimise employee engagement
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