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How Do You Measure Engagement?

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Our unique research approach allows us to design surveys tailored to your specific business objectives and challenges so that we can deliver valuable, actionable insights. As a Net Promoter® Loyalty Partner, we have access to best-practice NPS® research design components. We supplement this with additional key metrics to provide you with a revitalised and comprehensive research design. Our tailored design will enable you to understand which areas or attributes are key to improving your NPS.

Satmetrix Surveys – Self Managed

Satmetrix® is the co-creator of the NPS methodology, and offers cutting-edge customer experience solutions that enable you to implement the NPS discipline across your organisation. Ideally suited for large businesses with high-volume customer transactions, the Satmetrix NPX software is designed as a self-serve platform that comes with top-of-the-line features including customisable dashboards, near real-time analytics, and driver charts.

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Managed Surveys

Our in-depth knowledge of NPS best-practices and understanding of the local business landscape allows us to design and implement highly targeted and insight-driven surveys for our clients. We not only conduct the surveys on your behalf, but also present research findings followed by a list of prioritised recommendations to improve business performance.

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