We have the skills.

Engaged Strategy is a licensed Net Promoter® Loyalty Partner. This means we bring best practice methodologies from around the world to our Net Promoter implementations. We were the first Net Promoter Loyalty Partner in the world.

We have relevant local experience.

We have extensive experience in implementing large, organisation-wide programs that have delivered spectacular results across a range of industries.

We empower you.

We transfer our intellectual property to you so you are empowered to manage the program on an ongoing basis.

We have achieved results.

We have partnered with clients to achieve NPS increases of 55+ points.

Yes, our unique knowledge. Our proprietary model, The Total Engagement model® utilises unique processes, tools and templates to strategically design and align your Brand Advertising, Culture and Customer Experience strategies with complete clarity. The rigor of The Total Engagement Model is demonstrated by its acceptance for publishing in The Journal of Product & Brand Management and in Customer Engagement: Contemporary Issues and Challenges. The Total Engagement Model is also a part of the curriculum at the University of Queensland.

End-to-end service is the primary focus of our proprietary Total Engagement Model. We designed it with a holistic, end-to-end process in mind so that your organisation is geared to create Promoters and grow.

The model ensures that your brand, culture, value proposition and planned customer experience are designed and aligned to drive growth via increased customer loyalty and recommendation, branding that breaks through the clutter, and empowered and engaged employees.

Once these elements have been strategically articulated, we work with you to embed regular disciplines within your organisation to ensure it delivers against its planned strategic intentions. To learn more about how our proprietary Total Engagement Model can help your organisation to create Promoters,  click here.

Our proprietary approach allows us to provide specific services as you require them so you do not have to deal with multiple suppliers or do everything at once.

Our specific services include:

  • Brand
    • Holistic Brand Strategy Development and Rejuvenation – What you say, what you do and who you are.
  • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Customer Value Proposition Design Workshop;
    • Segmentation Strategies;
    • Customer Journey Mapping; and
    • Customer Experience Strategy Workshop – precisely define your CX DNA.
  • Net Promoter Score
    • NPS® Strategy Audit and Gap Analysis;
    • Detractor Training;
    • Creating Promoters Manager Training (Using Speed Ideation);
    • Best practice NPS Governance & Program Management; and
    • Best practice NPS survey design
  • Culture
    • Executive Engagement – How to lead a customer focussed program?;
    • Strategic Story Telling;
    • Staff Engagement Strategies; and
    • Stepping Up Workshop – Training Leaders to be the best they can possibly be.
  • Research
    • Brand Monitoring Research;
    • Benchmarking Reports;
    • Customer Research and Survey Design;
    • Surveys – Self Managed & Managed by Engaged Strategy
    • Qualitative Cultural Barometer;
    • 360 Degree Employee & Management Surveys; and
    • Anonymous Employee Engagement Surveys;
  • That we take the time to explain our research techniques to you
  • Targeted analysis which are always created with a purpose in mind
  • Customisable reports that give you the information you need to take action
  • Strategic insights to drive your organisation forward
  • More than just words; we will provide specific recommendations for your consideration
  • That we will ‘come into the tent’ and will be there to help in any way we can
  • That our projects have a defined start and end so that you get optimal value as soon as possible
  • Focussed workshops that provide you with tangible outcomes
  • That our consultancy is strongly based on cutting-edge, worldwide research combined with your own prior research (if applicable)
  • That we will transfer the intellectual property you require so you can lead your own innovative and organic growth
  • Research techniques resulting in lots of numbers
  • Analysis for the sake of analysis
  • Long reports
  • Insights which are broad and non-commercial
  • Detached consultancy
  • Never-ending projects
  • Long workshops
  • Long-term dependency on us as we believe in transferring our knowledge to you

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