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At Engaged Strategy we pride ourselves in co-creating cultures, brands and customer experiences worthy of recommendation. We thought long and hard about how we could bring even more value to our clients and business contacts. From that aim our summit was born.

Connecting the Strategic Dots is like no other summit, and promises to redefine and re-imagine “business as usual”. Organisations today are grappling with competing strategic imperatives regarding customer experience, brands, and employee engagement, NPS, advanced analytics and digital transformation. This summit will bring together international experts form our global offices who will holistically address how these elements can work in combination to evolve business as we know it.

The summit is a distillation of our learning and insights across:

  • 30+ Nationwide consumer Benchmarking studies
  • Our experience and knowledge across 20+ industries in the Asia Pacific region
  • Emerging trends, opportunities and challenges shaping the business world globally


Bengaluru, India

Keynote Presentation

The 2020 CXM Series India Conference is being hosted in Bangalore this year by Innovexic on January 30th. Chris Roberts, Managing Director of Engaged Strategy and a Global Brand Expert, will be sharing the Keynote address where he will discuss why a majority of CX programs fail. He will also outline the core best practices required to help any CX program succeed in today’s scenario.

Panel Discussion
CXM Series 2020 will offer opportunities for critical exchange of information through visionary Panel Discussions as well. Chris Roberts will be moderating a panel comprising of CX leaders from three different industries, where they will discuss about Growth Engine Superior CX.
Watch Chris Roberts LIVE on YouTube.
  • Keynote Presentation – 10:10 am to 10:30 am (Indian Standard Time)
  • Panel Discussion – 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm (Indian Standard Time)
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Contest Winners


Digital Transformation/Disruption

What it is and what it is not explained by a Silicon Valley expert. Glimpse into what the Digital future could look like for your business, and walk away with a Digital Threat Assessment so you know where your organisation stands among future-focused companies.

CX Survey Updates

The latest developments in the CX survey space from NICE Satmetrix, the co-owner of the Net Promoter Score.

Secrets of Loyalty Leaders

A distillation of what separates industry loyalty leaders from the rest based on an analysis of 7500+ customer responses from our 2018 benchmarking studies in banking, superannuation, property insurance, health insurance and motor insurance.

Strategic Linkages

Understand how you can enhance your ability to anticipate risks, identify opportunities and enable better strategy development by linking your customer feedback, economics, operational measures, segmentation, lead measures and lag measures like never before.

What’s Next After NPS?

NPS has transformed the business world for over 10 years, but now organisational leaders across industries are asking what comes next? Join us to learn what your next step to outperform and sustainably grow is.