The entire world is in a panic over the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) impact. Businesses have practically been arm twisted to either shut shop temporarily or explore new business operation models to limit the spread of the virus and save lives; but this change could also rapidly increase digitalisation and result in a loss of ‘traditional’ roles as they exist now. This is not just a financial crisis but potentially disruptive to the way of life we have become used to.

There could be two future scenarios: one, where life goes back to normal; two, where we move into a new state of normal.

Let’s look at the impact of Scenario Two where we move to a new state of normal. How could (and will) this impact business?

1. Changing corporate working models

2. Can airlines bank on business travel?

3. Lights, Camera, Action… to Pay, Click, Watch 

4. Retail takes a hit 

5. Personalised dining 

6. Education goes online 

In these above scenarios where Covid-19 may inadvertently make customer experiences more digital and less personal, as a customer experience professional the real challenge is, how will you infuse emotion into this new depersonalised world so you can continue to create experiences worthy of recommendation?

With face to face human interaction being curtailed, there is an increasing frenzy for communication of all kinds – good, bad and ugly – on social media. With no direct means of discerning truth from fake news, and an increasing propensity to sensationalise everything, how will brands be able to create a positive impact on their customers?

With these scenarios having a strong likelihood of manifesting themselves, what steps should businesses take from now to prepare for the aftermath? Brand and CX expert Chris Roberts has a few suggestions to make after the dust settles and businesses mitigate the short term impacts of Covid-19 organisations should:

  1. Conduct comprehensive journey mapping exercise from the customers perspective.
    a. Factor and understand the impact of Covid-19 on the new buying behaviour, experiences and touchpoints.
    b. Find ways to infuse opportunities to create positive emotions even with electronic channels.
  2. Re-examine and modify your planned customer experience and value propositions.
  3. Modify your business model based on the above two.
  4. Look at the new ways to increase employee engagement with a remote workforce.
  5. Finally stay calm and treat like this an oppotunity to look for new strategic alternatives.



Not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations, is the goal of each of our businesses. However, it is the pathway to achieving this goal the right way is our primary focus. As we enter a new decade, we are happy to announce a new and superior set of services to our clients.

  1. A market leading advanced call centre insights & Analytics solution that:

2. A complementary tool to boost your CX

A business measures its performance by internal metrics such as sales, revenue, growth, supply chain measures, calls received, AHT, time taken to process applications, web metrics, etc.  These metrics are presented as reports in paper format or by accessing multiple systems.

Customer insights, on the contrary, is about how your most important stakeholder rates your performance. In the past, market research was periodic and sample based.  Major decisions were made based on a couple of hundred responses. Nowadays, thanks to NPS, organisations access many more survey responses via periodic and transactional feedback mechanisms.

What if you could combine the two sets of metrics in a point and click tool enable faster and better business decisions.



Did you know that four out of five CX programs are set to fail? But there is immense scope to succeed via not five, but by incorporating seven best practices with the CX framework. Addressing a congregation comprising CX heads of many major brands of India Inc., Chris Roberts shared his best practices in implementing successful CX and NPS strategies. Watch the presentation below:

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He also moderated an interesting panel discussion on CX Growth Engine, where a thought-provoking conversation ensued between Nitin Sethi, Vice President Digital at Indigo Airlines; Dominic Devasia, General Manager – Commercial Operations at Bangalore International Airport Limited; and, Uddalak Chatterjee, Vice President and Head – Customer Services at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Despite hailing from three different industries, the CX best practices shared by the three panellists was unsurprisingly similar, emphasising on what Chris had shared earlier in the day during his Keynote Presentation. You can watch the complete panel discussion and audience interaction below.

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