As digital transformation disrupts businesses, delighting your customers takes on a whole new dimension.

Engaged Strategy, in collaboration with Owen CX, provides the Net Promoter Masterclass Program Leadership Toolkit to equip customer experience program managers and leaders with the contemporary skillset required to drive CX success and business growth in a digital age.

The Net Promoter Masterclass program has been designed in line with the latest NPS® best practices to help you steer your organisation to adopt and adapt to a customer-centric culture. The Net Promoter Masterclass program is an essential qualification to empower you to lead your organisation’s CX program, marking you with the credential of a serious CX-oriented professional.

The Net Promoter Masterclass is designed by OCX Cognition. OCX Cognition delivers the future of NPS. The company implements CX programs that result in financial value through its revolutionary NPS Outcome Engineering approach. Drawing on more than 15 years of CX expertise and 1000+ CX initiatives, OCX Cognition ensures customer experience success with a combination of technology and data science powered machine learning, programmatic consulting, and research-based CX insights and education. Learn more at

Via Engaged Strategy, you can now empower your key customer experience leaders with the required skills and up-to-date frameworks to drive your NPS program’s success.

Program leadership toolkit - OwenCX Program Leadership Toolkit Engaged Strategy program

Time Commitment: 10+ Hours

Price: $3000 USD

Who: NPS Program Managers & Customer Experience Leaders

The Net Promoter Masterclass Program Leadership Toolkit is a comprehensive self-paced online NPS certification training program based on the latest best practices in NPS, best suited for NPS program managers and customer experience leaders. This toolkit includes pragmatic modules delivered via videos, detailed notes and interactive practice opportunities to update CX leaders on the latest advancements in NPS to turbocharge their organisation’s NPS program.

It also provides access for peer to peer feedback and discussion forums that are moderated by NPS experts which allow for exchange of knowledge across industries, providing every participant with direct access to answers for their specific questions.

  • There’s more to a Net Promoter program that meets the eye. Learn the strategic tricks of the trade.
  • Explore customer journey models and learn to create quality frameworks and draw meaningful insights from NPS data.
  • Learn how to build capabilities based on analytical maturity to understand and leverage root cause analysis frameworks to build insights and action plans.
  • Identify what drives an NPS transformation and how to align employee engagement to deliver great customer experience.
  • Benefit from 10 completely re-imagined thought leadership frameworks and how to integrate them into your NPS program.
  • Connect the dots between NPS and business economics, and how to impact your organisation’s financial metrics via Promoter-focused market initiatives.
  • Why does an NPS program fail or succeed? Learn to identify NPS capabilities across various levels of the organisation and the distinctions you can leverage to steer it towards long-term success.
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The Net Promoter Masterclass program will equip you with key skills to bring in a transformation of customer experience thinking within your team and organisation.

This flexible program has the following critical benefits:

Every Net Promoter Masterclass subscriber will have unlimited access to the core modules. These in-depth customer experience management modules include practice sheets, detailed notes and visual toolkits that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, online and at your convenience.

The Net Promoter Masterclass Program Leadership Toolkit comprises of eleven core modules that provide a foundation to develop scientific analytical skills and artful soft skills specifically required to bring NPS programs to life. Each learning module comprises of a video led by Richard Owen in addition to detailed lesson notes, downloadable frameworks, virtual Q&A forums and exercises at the end of each chapter. You can attempt these exercises multiple times and revisit these modules to refresh your understanding of the NPS.

Click here to learn more about the Net Promoter Masterclass Program Leadership Toolkit curriculum.

The program is a blend of long and short modules, based on the topic. The entire program is online and gives you the freedom to access it anywhere at a time convenient to you. Each chapter ends with an interactive quiz to put lessons learned into practice.

  • Excellence in analysing data
  • Drive value from data analytics
  • Quick thinking process to drive change
  • Engagement at the organisational level
  • Structuring change programs
  • Financial understanding and management

Click here to learn more about the Net Promoter Masterclass curriculum.

Certificate - OwenCX Program Leadership Certificate Engaged Strategy collaboration

You will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Net Promoter Masterclass program upon successfully completing all modules.<

Workbook - OwenCX Program Leadership Workbook Engaged Strategy collaboration

Access a Program Workbook that allows you to plug and play scenarios which can help you make strategic CX decisions in the real world.

Mentorship - OwenCX Program Leadership Mentorship Program Engaged Strategy collaboration

After you complete the certification program, you will continue to be invited to multiple online forums to share your ideas and also interact with NPS experts and mentors on a 1:1 or 1:many basis.

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