An overwhelming 69% of Australian employees want to feel valued at work.

But only 36% actually do.

Your employees are only human. If they don’t feel as if others value their work, or that they are not adding value to the organisation, they wind up asking themselves: why bother?

Remember that a Promoter effectively equates to an engaged employee. In our study we asked participants to rate the degree to which staff are valued at their organisation. Promoters gave a mean score that was 2 X higher than Detractors.

What this says is that an engaged employee is one who believes staff are valued at their organisation.

Feeling ‘valued’ is then undoubtedly a key driver of employee engagement (just look at the difference in eNPS in the image below) but considering the discouraging average eNPS score in Australia, organisations are failing to act upon it across the board. Secret #4 is clear: value your staff!


All roads ultimately lead back to the leadership team. Leaders must squash out the ‘pleb’ mentality and build the mindset that everyone’s work is important. This involves outlining the individual role each staff member has in delivering that customer experience worthy of recommendation.

Let us know your thoughts: Is it fair to put such a heavy onus on leaders to ensure staff feel valued?

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