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Engaged Strategy specializes in boosting Employee Engagement, revolutionising Customer Experience (CX), and enhancing Branding strategies for businesses across various industries. It is headed by global Brand and CX expert Christopher Roberts. With 20+ years of experience in creating engaging brands, with knowledge of 200+ Brands across 20+ Industries.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where customer loyalty and employee satisfaction are paramount, Engaged Strategy stands out as a leader in creating holistic solutions that drive meaningful connections and lasting impact.

Indiantelevision caught up with Roberts, where he gave a lot of insights on the role of his company in shaping  technology, generative AI content and much more…

On technology playing a pivotal role in driving employee engagement initiatives at Engaged Strategy

Technology has revolutionised the landscape of employee engagement. Today’s collaborative tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom among many others, play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between remote work and in-person experiences. They enable employees to work together seamlessly, share documents, and engage in real-time video conferences, making it almost as good as being there in person. What’s more, these tools now support instant connections, eliminating the need for formal meeting scheduling.

However, the true potential of technology in enhancing employee engagement lies in how organisations leverage it. To replicate the in-office experience, more so when most organisations are leaning towards the hybrid model, they should fully embrace these collaborative platforms, going beyond communication to adopt features like whiteboard functionality for brainstorming and idea sharing.

Technology today also supports various aspects of employee engagement, such as learning and development when trainers and trainees can both participate remotely and even access online training and development resources, fostering growth and engagement. Wellness and work-life balance can be enhanced and managed via wellness apps and tools, contributing to overall job satisfaction. Technology also aids in continuous feedback and goal alignment, which enables more transparent performance management and boosts engagement by providing employees with a sense of purpose.

Technology has come to become a powerful enabler, fostering connections, learning, and personal growth while contributing to a sense of purpose and job satisfaction, all of which are fundamental to a highly engaged workforce. Leveraging technology to its fullest extent is the key to driving meaningful employee engagement.

At Engaged Strategy we celebrate major religious festivals, run ideation sessions, work collaboratively, run training courses across continents and ensure we communicate with one another frequently, and this ensures that our teams are engaged.

On AI-powered marketing solutions, contributing to more effective branding efforts for your clients

Two key factors come into play when leveraging AI for branding: the precision and clarity of the brief and the synergy between AI-driven efficiency and human expertise. Until AI evolves into sentient beings, human emotion and life experiences humans bring to the table remain essential for ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Remember that the quality of the output from generative AI is directly proportional to the clarity and comprehensiveness of the briefing process. Therefore, knowing the strategy and having a well-defined brief is paramount. There is a saying that when dealing with advertising agencies that goes like this – the quality of the advertising creative produced is only as good as the client brief.

When working with generative AI, the quality of the questions you ask the tool matters immensely. If the questions are vague or lack strategic depth, the outcomes may be similarly ambiguous. The briefing process is a critical step in making the most of AI-powered marketing solutions.

Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that AI outputs are not standalone solutions. While they can provide a strong foundation, human expertise is still indispensable. We need to apply our experience, knowledge, and creative thinking to refine and enhance the AI-generated content. This combination of AI efficiency and human creativity results in highly effective branding efforts.

On Engaged Strategy playing a crucial role in improving both employee engagement and customer experience simultaneously

Technology has always played a pivotal role in our strategies to enhance employee engagement and customer experience simultaneously. Our approach is rooted in the belief that engaged staff are a prerequisite for engaged customers. We understand that exceeding customer expectations is a key driver of customer engagement. The challenge lies in inspiring employees to go that extra mile.

To bridge this gap and ensure that employees experience and convey the same positive emotions as customers, we employ interactive and dynamic dashboards that provide comprehensive analyses of employee engagement and customer experience surveys. By drawing linkages between the two, we identify areas that require improvement and the brand’s strengths that can be further leveraged.

Through this approach, our clients gain valuable insights into specific regions and teams where employee engagement is lacking. We often find that lack of engagement has a direct impact on the customer experience.

Hence, the interactive dashboards not only facilitate data analysis, but also serve as a practical tool for tracking and enhancing both employee engagement and customer experience. It exemplifies the synergy of technology, data analysis and strategic insights in driving improvements in both areas simultaneously.

On Engaged Strategy ensuring the security and ethical use of technology when implementing solutions for clients

At Engaged Strategy, we are deeply committed to upholding the security and ethical use of technology when implementing solutions for our clients. We understand that in today’s business environment, responsible and ethical technology utilisation is not just a preference; it’s a necessity.

To achieve this, we follow a comprehensive approach that includes establishing a clear ethical framework at the outset which serves as our guiding compass, encompassing principles of data privacy, security, and compliance with all relevant regulations. We are acutely aware that these principles are foundational to our clients’ trust and success.

We place a strong emphasis on data privacy and security, whether pertaining to employees or customers. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all data is stored, processed, and transmitted securely. This involves the use of encryption, robust access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard against potential risks.

Compliance is another cornerstone of our approach. We take care to ensure that our solutions adhere to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This includes strict adherence to data protection regulations and industry-specific standards, leaving no room for compromise.

Transparency is central to our ethos. We keep our clients well-informed about the technologies we employ, data handling processes, and any potential risks. This transparent communication fosters trust and mutual understanding.

We also engage in continuous monitoring and updating to adapt to evolving security landscapes and changing regulations, ensuring that our clients remain protected and compliant.

On emerging technologies or trends you believe will have the greatest impact in the near future

In customer experience transformation, two emerging technologies and trends stand out as having the greatest potential impact in the near future.

Firstly, generative AI holds enormous promise in improving routine customer inquiries. This technology has the capability to handle these inquiries more effectively than current chatbots. It enables more nuanced and human-like interactions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and problem resolution rates. Generative AI can also serve as a valuable tool for frontline staff, enhancing their ability to provide faster and more accurate service. This technology not only augments the capabilities of human agents, but also ensures a more consistent and efficient customer service experience.

The second significant trend centers around analytics, particularly the shift toward emotions-based propensity modeling. We believe that emotions are highly predictive of outcomes in terms of tracking both customer and employee experiences and outcomes. By using analytics to understand how customers emotionally perceive a brand, businesses can maximise their efforts in customer retention and acquisition. This approach takes a personalised and individual-level view, assigning each customer an emotional score related to their feelings toward the brand. At Engaged Strategy, we measure emotions and leverage this data to tailor strategies and interactions, ultimately enhancing customer relationships and loyalty.

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