I’m not going to beat around the bush. Australian employees are severely disengaged.

How do we know? Over 3000 Australian employees told us so in our recent venture into the state of employee engagement across the nation.

From the horse’s mouth…

What does this mean in real terms? If you do the math, the organisational cost of employee disengagement is immense:

  • The cost of rehiring,
  • The cost of a lost sale,
  • The lack of discretionary effort, and
  • The countless missed opportunities to deliver a customer experience worthy of recommendation.

These factors all add up, but are hidden costs that do not appear on the balance sheet. They have a huge impact on your bottom line without you even realising!

Ours is an Australia-wide study; in effect it treats Australia as one large, amalgamated organisation. But we know each organisation has their own thumbprint. So we’d love to hear from you: how would you rate the state of employee engagement in Australia? Is it fair to say that employee engagement in Australian organisations is on a downward spiral?

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Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Employee Engagement Blog Series, presenting the state of employee engagement in Australia: where we are, where we could be, and secrets of how to get there.