Well it’s that time of year again! The nights are getting colder, you’re breaking out your sweaters and wooly socks, and of course you’re dying to know who the most recommended superannuation brand is for 2018… Just us? Perhaps so, but with over 10 years of superannuation consulting experience, how could we not be eager to share these exciting findings? And now without further ado, the most recommended brand of 2018 for superannuation is… QSuper!

The winning brand has proven to its opposition that you cannot afford to be complacent about any aspect of your customers’ journey, especially if you’re in a challenging category.

Superannuation is a tough nut to crack as it is an extremely low involvement category for the most part, with the majority of Australians only beginning to give it a proper thought when it’s too late. In addition, it is also a low transactional category, meaning consumers may not need to interact with their super providers for months at a time.

Cultivating your brand to consistently wow and engage its customers can be extremely tough as a result of these two factors. Nowadays people aren’t interested in what will happen in the distant future. Their focus lies in the here and now, and the reasonably close future at most. No one wants to spend their spare time ruminating over their future, and it’s this exact lack of interest that makes superannuation such a challenging category to successfully engage. Against those odds, QSuper has managed to achieve what some might consider impossible.

The remarkable thing about QSuper’s performance is that they have managed to impress their customers across the board. With a NPS of  +35%, which completely eclipses the category average of –12%, the QSuper team seems to have delivered a notable customer experience in comparison to its competitors. This score is a testament to how they have deliberately and intentionally decided to interact with their members across the entire member experience.

Our Intelligent Industry Analytics found that in almost every interaction and touch point – whether it be their website, financial planning services, or call centres – QSuper received the highest satisfaction ratings from their members. That is the key to success as far as NPS is concerned.

No one will be a Promoter of a brand if the call centre is great, but the website or product is lacking… Cultivating consistency across all touch points is the key. An attitude that demands consistently high standards to be maintained is how QSuper has managed to Most Recommended Superannuation Brand.