On a recent trip to India I had the pleasure of flying a domestic flight with Jet Airways. It was easily one of the best airlines I have flown with.

The mineral water on offer was a TATA product called Himalayan. The words on the bottle are amazing. One of the best examples of branded packaging that brings the brand to life in the most imaginative fashion. You probably cannot read them so here they are:

“I spent my youth never questioning a destiny that made me spend years gathering natural minerals on the Himalayas. And now that yours has led you to me, don’t hesitate to drink up”

Live Natural

If you read the sides of the packaging it says:

  • Untouched & Unprocessed
  • Taste of pristine Himalayan water
  • Wellness of organic minerals

Absolutely clear differentiation and a strong value proposition that makes it very clear why you must buy Himalayan mineral water over other mineral waters.

The only small little ‘fly in the ointment’ is the TATA brand displayed prominently on the top right. Now TATA is a great brand but I associate it with Tractors, Cars, Machinery, Energy, Communications, Chemicals, etc

Maybe the TATA brand name could be at the back in small font. But this is a small issue in the scheme of things.

If you have other examples where the brand is used as well to engage with customers on packaging please post it here in the comments section. Thanks