Leaders: They have the unique ability to motivate, manage and mentor a team to greatness. They can make or break a project, or an entire organisation.

Ironically, that ability to simultaneously motivate, manage, mentor, and then measure the performance of their team is one of the greatest challenges a leader can face.

Most recently in our published study of over 3000 Australian employees we gauged the importance of leaders through the eyes of their own staff.

We uncovered that leadership addressed by the three facets above had some of the highest correlations to employee engagement – and we know that engaged employees are more efficient, create better customer experiences and are more likely to recommend their workplace as well as their own products/services to others.

But we also know that a leader by name is not necessarily a leader by nature. Indeed, despite the importance of the above top drivers, the study revealed that Australian employees believe these elements to be sorely lacking. This was Engaged Strategy’s motivation for stepping into the leadership space. We are very fortunate to bring on an executive coach and registered psychologist to facilitate our brand new Engaged Leaders Program – running one-on-one coaching sessions and guiding people through the essentials of effective leadership.

The busyness of the workday is a real obstacle for leaders. That being said, it is important for leaders to hone and finesse their skills – to distinguish between what makes them a manager and what makes them a leader. Leadership is a multi-faceted concept and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That being said, there are certain core skills which every leader should have at their disposal. For the busy business leader they may want only to pinpoint the skills they need to refresh – how many people realistically have time to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as a leader? An experienced leadership coach can streamline this process. They can assess your leadership ability and from there tailor a program that suits your individual needs.

The flipside is that the best leaders are not complacent – they actively strive to unleash their potential. Leaders must be dynamic to keep abreast of change – to be positive role models, to strategically focus their time, to empower their team and embrace a mindset that will produce even better results at an organisational and individual level. Without a doubt, these skills are not easily acquired – but there is no reason why leaders (with a little proactivity and guidance) cannot fulfil their absolute potential!

Whether it is to refresh the fundamentals or to learn new skills that will unleash your leadership potential, contact Engaged Strategy on +61 7 3168 1015, email enquiry@engagedstrategy.com.au or visit our website to find out more about the new Engaged Leaders Program.