20 April 2018

As a strategic consulting firm focused on unleashing potential in its clients, Engaged Marketing has helped a number of brands overcome their strategic challenges for more then ten years, but something was holding them back.

By incorporating the word ‘Marketing’ in its title, often that three-syllable word foreshadowed most of their offerings and stereotyped the firm as a whole. The assumption was that Engaged Marketing conducted design, SEO or advertising work, not at all conceiving they in fact were in the business of end-to-end strategic makeovers.

Grounded firmly in creating exceptional customer experiences by aligning brands, propositions and experiences to deliver a competitive edge, Engaged Marketing realised that the next logical step in their business model was moving into Digital.

After onboarding a Silicon Valley Digital native, the company worked tirelessly to engineer a unique Digital program for its clients that could be integrated into the their holistic methodology. Once this was successfully accomplished, Engaged Marketing’s Directors knew it was time for the full evolution of the firm to take affect. And it was here that Engaged Strategy was born.

Christopher Roberts, Managing Director of the now Engaged Strategy, said, “We wanted our brand name to fully encompass all of our offerings, not just some, and as it stood ‘Engaged Marketing’ was just not covering all our bases. Talks of rebranding the organisation were gaining traction within the firm, and with our expansion into Digital finally complete we knew it was time to shed our skin and change.”

Designed to redefine the organisation to those who were unfamiliar with it, but also fully represent everything the firm had to offer, the change to Engaged Strategy has been a welcome one. Seamlessly encompassing the firm’s previous offerings and its new expansion into Digital, the name change to Engaged Strategy eliminates previous confusion, and instead fully illustrates the capabilities of the organisation. This evolution will enable Engaged Strategy to help more firms unobstructed, with the market able to fully embrace the firm for what it is: an end-to-end strategic consultancy keenly focused on unleashing potential in its clientele.

Engaged Strategy is a strategic consultancy that focuses on helping businesses grow by developing fresh customer, marketing and organisational strategies. Christopher Roberts is an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia.



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