When you think of McDonalds what do you think of first?

Maybe it’s a quarter-pounder, their famous Big Mac, or their irreplaceable golden fries that make your mouth water? Maybe you even have fond memories of Happy Meals followed by caramel sundaes?

One characteristic that has always stood out is McDonalds’ focus on ‘fast food’. There’s no doubt that McDonalds has become synonymous with the efficient production of food but could that be changing?

One American store seems to paving a different path.

A store in Needham, Massachusetts has gained worldwide attention as they celebrate the birthday of a very special employee.

Morris Miller celebrated his 100th birthday at the store itself. Mr Miller started his career at McDonalds when he was 75 but when he reached his nineties his manager appointed his as a “McDonald’s Ambassador”.

In this role Mr Miller works three days a week for a few hours but focuses his time on simply talking to the store’s customers. This role didn’t require any substantial change in process or hiring of multiple staff and yet Store Owner Tim McCoy believes that Mr Miller’s role encourages customers to return to their store time and time again.

This typical McDonalds’ store in Needham, Massachusetts illustrates just how easy it can be to create a great customer experience. Indeed Mr Miller is a fine example of how important a small yet strategic effort focusing on how customers feel can reap considerable rewards.

Maybe if you’re lucky enough to meet Mr Miller, the next time you think of McDonalds it may be excellent customer service that springs to mind.

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