Importance of auditing your NPS program – Part 1

Who likes a car with screeching brakes and a fuel guzzling engine? I’m sure you don’t, and neither do I. It is no wonder why we ensure our car is out for its regular routine check-up at a reliable service station. Once done, the mechanic runs through the 20-point checklist to ensure the brake oils are in place, the engine oil is refilled, filters are cleaned and the tyres are inflated and so on before the car rolls out of the service centre.

Now, what if you could service your car and tune the engine so it performed like a Formula 1 racing thoroughbred.  This means that the 20-point checklist will have to be evaluated with greater precision and use leading-edge technology to ensure the driver is well-equipped to win the race.

The same for your Net Promoter Score® (NPS) program. NPS must be maintained and serviced regularly for optimal results; otherwise it will end up like a noisy old car that guzzles too much fuel . The only way to do it is to audit your NPS program regularly inside out, top to bottom and the other way around, to ensure all levels across all departments in your organisation are in sync to deliver great customer experiences.

This takes me back in time to a few years ago when I was enjoying a breakfast in the erudite company of Fred Reichheld, the creator of NPS. We were both presenting at the EMEA NPS conference. During the conversation, Fred said that he believed only about 15% of the companies who adopted NPS were applying it effectively. This is an alarming statistic!

There is much effort that goes into establishing an NPS program not just at the frontline staff or marketing level that directly interfaces with customers, but across all levels and in all departments of an organisation to ensure everyone is working towards a common goal. Despite these efforts, if your existing NPS programme is not delivering expected results in terms of reduced costs, increased loyalty, and recommendation, then it is time to audit it to gain insights into specific problem areas.

My team of NPS experts at Engaged Strategy have married the science and art underlying a successful Net Promoter program and the key elements are captured in a FREE and quick online NPS Mini Audit. Just like the servicing of a Formula1 car before a race, this NPS Mini Audit tells you which aspects of your NPS program are functioning optimally and which need a change in methodology to ensure your NPS engine helps you secure pole position.

In less than 5 minutes, you can assess the strengths and gaps in your organisation’s NPS program across six key dimensions based on leading best practices.  For more details, click here.

Engaged Strategy will also send you a complementary report with high-level analysis of your organisation’s NPS performance vis-à-vis other practicing organisations in early 2019 – and this again for FREE.

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Have you ever wondered why some organisations may be doing many things right, yet have low Net Promoter Scores? Well, that’s because NPS isn’t as easy as it sounds. Engaged Strategy’s 2018 Intelligent Industry Analytics benchmarked NPS across five industries namely Banking, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Property Insurance and Superannuation.

The results brought forth interesting insights. There were a few companies that achieved high scores and even led the sector in specific service dimensions. However, they failed to lead the NPS in their sector owing to a lack of one key aspect. Wondering what this could be? Read on in my blog post If NPS Was Easy, Everybody Would Be A Winner.