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In our previous blogs we have highlighted the importance of Employee Engagement and how an organisation’s internal culture is closely tied to the customer experience. Based on our proprietary ‘Total Engagement Model’, we have ample facts and figures highlighting how essential this is to business performance. But to truly illustrate the power of employee engagement, allow us to share a personal experience of our Marketing Assistant, Christopher Copley.


I am a new team member at Engaged Strategy but I have seen first-hand through my own experiences as a customer, and through viewing Engaged Strategy’s ‘Total Engagement Model’ in action, the impact that employees can have to a company’s performance.
Growing up I went to a tennis centre in Brisbane for lessons. The business was thriving, with many customers – from toddlers to retirees – all enjoying their tennis, and the centre had a quickly growing reputation for being one of the best tennis centres in Queensland. While the tennis centre had a number of experienced coaches and a high quality facility, its success could be largely attributed to one particular employee.

The receptionist at the tennis centre was essential to the success of the business and is a prime example of an engaged employee. You could just tell she loved her job and genuinely cared for and respected her customers. She knew the name and hobbies of every child and their parents who went through her centre. This made every customer interaction special.

A satisfied employee may just stand behind the counter, smile and help the customers with any queries. An engaged employee like this receptionist is able to create engaged customers who promote your business.

When she retired the number of children at the centre fell dramatically. Her value to the business was not recognised until it was too late and the customers had already started to leave. The tennis centre eventually closed down and opened again later under totally new management.


There are many stories just like this in the world of business. Let us know yours! Creating engaged employees is something that we do here at Engaged Strategy. If you would like more information feel free to contact us.

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