June 25th, 2021, Brisbane, QLD

Since Covid-19’s economic impact, 46 per cent Australians have begun looking for local businesses to cater to their current needs, with 39 per cent consumers saying they found a local business they had not known of before. Also, over 69 per cent of consumers have been relying on business reviews to validate a local business’ safety practices before engaging with them, according the 2021 State Of Reviews report by Podium.

In an effort to help local businesses boost their sales and customer experience in these challenging times, Engaged Strategy has partnered with Podium to provide a low-cost and contemporary solution to improve customer experience and drive growth. With Podium, local businesses can use the simple mobile messaging platform to:

  • Get more quality reviews and get reviewed more often
  • Get found easily on web search
  • Instantly connect with leads and actively engage customers to keep business growing
  • Conduct short sharp surveys to get customer feedback and take action immediately

Podium has combined the convenience of online shopping and the experience of in-store purchases to bring in simplified digital efficiency in the way local businesses operate. According to Podium’s research, 88 per cent of consumers who search for a business on a mobile phone connect with that business within 24 hours.

“Podium is an end-to-end solution that helps businesses build their online presence, engage and re-engage customers, and consolidate reviews and feedback from multiple platforms onto one single channel. This makes it extremely convenient for small businesses to not only find leads and connect with prospects, but also send targeted promotions all via just mobile messaging,” said Mr. Christopher Roberts, Managing Director, Engaged Strategy. He added that as per Podium’s research, 84 per cent of

Australia’s consumers are influenced by business reviews, which makes Podium a critical important tool for local businesses to utilize in these current times. Podium gives local businesses the ability to offer the best of digital with human interaction. “Engaged Strategy’s expertise in end-to-end business consulting that was traditionally offered to medium and large enterprises will now be extended to small local businesses to give them the strategic advantage of CX insights and strategies along with the digital experience offered by Podium,” Mr. Dave Scheine, Country Manager at Podium.

Mr. Roberts added, “The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble for local businesses. Over the last year people have increased their online purchases just to avoid travelling out of the safety of their homes. A good outcome is that about half of Australian customers are willing to pay more to patronize local businesses. Podium helps local businesses engage new customers and re-engage existing customers via simple text messages, and also process orders and get paid online. This helps reduce direct customer interaction drastically but also builds a person-to-person relationship with the local customer, which helps boost sales.”

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About Engaged Strategy

Engaged Strategy is an insights based strategic consultancy that focusses on helping businesses grow by developing fresh customer, marketing, digital and organisational strategies.

Christopher Roberts is a Global Brand and CX Expert. He is the Managing Director of Engaged Strategy and is the developer of the Total Engagement Model®, which designs and aligns key elements to maintain brand integrity and customer focus. He is a published academic author and a guest lecturer at the University of Queensland at a Masters Level.

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