Employee Engagement: More than satisfaction, more than a KPI2 min read

Employee satisfaction surveys: a phenomenon taking Australian organisations by storm. So why then is employee engagement in Australia in such a dismal state?

In our opinion ‘satisfaction’ is merely a hygiene factor, whether it refers to customers or employees. At a bare minimum, organisations must ensure their employees are at least ‘satisfied’.

You might argue that satisfaction studies still have their merits. They offer industry benchmarks and outline which quartile your organisation sits in. Employee satisfaction studies give a sense of whether an organisation meets ‘best practice’, so surely they can’t be all bad! However if overall employee engagement in Australia is in itself so dismally low, does ‘best practice’ mean a lot?

‘Engagement’ is next level, so it is harder to come by, and harder to produce. Unlike satisfaction surveys, employee engagement studies pinpoint the problem and then go further to drive discretionary effort and stated loyalty.

Employee engagement studies are NOT done to simply tick off a KPI. Many organisation will run a survey annually, or sometimes every two years. This simply isn’t enough! Just think of all those juicy insights in between. Employee engagement studies must be a regular discipline, not just a once-off survey that provides a definitive how-to. Pulse surveys must be regular, to direct attention to the pain points in the organisation and to keep track of progress.

At the end of the day, employees are the true drivers of an organisation. So you can afford to invest in them. Commitment to staff must come before commitment from staff.

We are harsh critics of the employee satisfaction survey, but we’d like to know what you think! Like us, do you believe ‘engagement’ is the way forward? Is ‘engagement’ a discipline weaved into the DNA of your organisation?

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