What does it take to thrive in the Digital Era?

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The reality of Digital means many established firms are facing or will face disruption in the near future. Disruptive firms that harness Digital address customer experience gaps, upheaving entire industries and leaving incumbent firms struggling to coexist. Developing a strategy to neutralise these threats is vital to survival in the Digital economy. Our strong CX and EX capabilities enable clients to Digitally develop in ways that empower their staff and drive sustainable growth of their customer-base. This is reaffirmed by our recent recognition as one of the top customer experience management solution providers in the APAC region.

Digital is a requirement for evolving CX for businesses to remain competitive

Evolve your Organisation’s Digital Capabilities

Survival in the Digital economy requires firms to undergo a deep transformation and develop what we call a “Digital Core”. A Digital Core builds end-to-end business agility and enables firms to rapidly respond to the changing landscape with products that keep raising the customer experience standard. Organisations that effectively harness Digital can be seen disrupting industries, forcing incumbent firms to scramble to retain a customer base, and develop a Digital platform to compete.

The visual below illustrates the elements that make up the Digital Core:

Evolve your Organisation’s Digital Capabilities

Digital Transformation is more complex than simply having an online presence, mobile applications, or e-commerce capabilities. Digital Transformation requires a fundamental and multifaceted strategy that infuses the organisation holistically with Digital capabilities. Our Digital Transformation services help your organisation explore Digitally enabled opportunities and anticipate disruptive risks.

What is required?

Why Engaged?

Digital Mindset

A Digital Mindset is open, and unafraid to test new ideas and boundaries, harness data, learn from it and use it to innovate new products. In contrast, a risk-averse corporate mindset can leave a firm open to disruption.

Our Digital transformation framework is rooted in Silicon Valley native methods and refined over years of experience building future-focused enterprises worldwide. Intimately understanding the obstacles and organisational change needed enables our specialists to collaborate with leadership teams to instil the Digital Mindset.

Customer Experience

Every industry that has been digitally disrupted has had gaps in its customer experience, allowing existing or new competition to fill the void and become a market leader. If your organisation cannot identify and respond to the gaps in its offerings or in the industry as a whole, it will be vulnerable to disruption.

Effective Digital Transformation requires a deep understanding of the customer experience and journeys. We are Asia-Pacific’s thought leader in CX and NPS methodology. We have surfaced insights from over 30 national benchmarking studies across multiple industries.


Creation of leadership teams that are committed to ensuring agility, innovation and Digital Core implementation at all business levels is critical.

Our tailored leadership programs have an established history of creating engaged leadership skills that enable leaders to clearly articulate and sell the strategy and direction, and embed the required disciplines organisation-wide.

Evolving your Organisation

Engaging employees and upgrading operational process to conform to your Digital strategy means employees may need new training, support and skills.

With a comprehensive methodology engineered to equip staff with Digital capabilities through workshops and on-the-job mentoring, teams will be able to develop their Digital Core as they evolve their digitalised products.

Transformation Tools

To ensure your digital strategy is effective, employment of a comprehensive array of tools beyond technological improvements is essential.

Our staff employ industry-leading techniques, such as cultural evolution, speed-ideation and design thinking, to lead your organisation into Digital Transformation.

Our holistic approach prepares your organisation on multiple fronts with capabilities that are robust and end-to-end, whilst also developing and building your Digital Core. Find out how Engaged Strategy can evolve your customer experiences, with a structured Digital transformation program that increases organisational innovation and agility. Take your first steps towards reimagining your industry by future-proofing your organisation with Digital.

Do not wait to be disrupted; be your own disruptor.

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